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Welcome to the Ethnic Voice Accord (EVA), where we pay you for your opinions, including $2 just for signing up.

EVA is a Canada-wide network of over 20,000 Ethnic Canadians, including newly arrived immigrants who lend their opinions to make a difference.

EVA is owned and operated by Cido Research, a Canadian market research organization, that has been in business since 1994.  The goal of EVA is to collect the opinions of ethnic Canadians from a wide variety of different backgrounds.  These opinions will contribute to creating better products and services geared towards people like yourself.

As an EVA member, you will be invited to participate in online surveys to share your opinions on a wide variety of topics, while earning cash rewards. Earn cash for every study you complete, as well as $2 for signing up and $1 for every friend you refer.

You will never be solicited to purchase a product, nor will your contact information be shared.  EVA is strictly for market research purposes and your privacy is our number one concern. 

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